Week 30 – Pahu


Transfers were yesterday so we had no time to email until today. Elder Teutau and I are still together but we moved to another MQ in Fasi. We also lost Ward 9 but gained Ward 14 while still keeping Ward 7. So it’s a tiny transfer but still sad to leave Ward 9 because of how involved they were in missionary work. Our MQ is pretty big so the APs are staying here too. It will be interesting to see how different their workload as assistants to the president is from most missionaries. This morning I heard their alarm go off at 5:30 and they were gone before I woke up again. Wouldn’t want to be in their sandals right now, haha.

Our baptism on Wednesday went smooth. We had to delay Paula’s baptism but the three Soakai kids (Tevita, Meleane, and Emeli) were joined by a girl who just turned 8 so we ended up baptizing four people anyway. All the primary kids showed up at the program. It’s fun seeing how excited they get to watch a baptism. The Soakai kids were super prepared to be baptized. Even though they’re only 9-11 years old they had a strong desire to make that covenant with the Lord.

I think I’ll start a list of animals I’ve eaten in Tonga because I feel like I’m not even halfway through everything they eat here and I want to make sure I do. I’ll update it on the blog so you can check if I’ve tried anything exotic recently.

Kuo u lau ‘i he Tokateline mo e Ngaahi Fuakava he uike kuo ‘osi ‘o fekau’aki mo e ngaahi me’a ofa ‘oe Laumalie. ‘Oku ou ilo ‘oku mo’oni ‘ae ngaahi me’a ofa ko eni, pea ‘oku totonu ke tau holi mo kumi ke ma’u ia. Te tau tapuaki’i lahi ‘ae ni’ihi kehe ‘i etau tui ki he ‘Otua mo etau ngaue’aki ‘a etau ngaahi me’a ofa fakalaumalie. ‘Oku ou faka’amu te mou lotu koe’uhi ke mou ‘ilo ko fe ‘ae me’a ofa ‘amoutolu ‘oku foaki kiate kimoutolu.

What I was trying to say is that I know the gifts of the Spirit talked about in 1 Corinthians and D&C 46 are real, and that we should seek to obtain these gifts, as spoken by the prophets. We can bless the lives of others if we have faith and use our spiritual gifts. I hope you all will pray to know which gift you have been given. Ofa atu.



Author: Elder Patrick Watts

I am serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission.

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