Week 32

This week was pretty great. Starting on Tuesday we went on a vilohoa (comp exchange) with the APs. Elder Soakai and I went to go teach a Kiribati lady who they had only briefly met before. Naua, the investigator, is living with a member family so of course right when we walked in they invited us to come eat. The fried fish was super good. After chatting with Naua’s member friends for a while we went to the living room and started teaching the first lesson, in English. It was the biggest breath of fresh air to teach in English, like my thoughts were completely unrestricted from turning into words. I feel like I’ve said this before but I’ve grown since the start of my mission to the point that I would be completely confident meeting and teaching anyone, if they spoke English. Makes me wish sometimes that I went stateside because compared to my finding and teaching skills in English it might take many more months until I reach the same level in Tongan. Anyways, enough whining. The lesson went for almost 90 minutes but it was really good because we made sure Naua understood everything we taught and took things slowly if necessary, and nobody seemed impatient the whole time. One of her member friends with us in the lesson used to be the principal at Liahona, so her English was incredibly good. She started talking about the Council of Nicaea to show how the doctrine of the nature of God was changed in early Christianity, and I thought “Whoa, that is definitely the only time I’ll hear that get brought up during a lesson”, haha.

On Friday we were walking home around 8:30 pm when we realized that one lady had been walking by us for a long time. Elder Teutau said hello to her but she didn’t respond at first. She started crying and eventually she started talking, saying something about how she needed to go back to church. She said she had four brothers who served missions so she knew she could trust us. As we walked her home she opened up more about her problems and how she wanted help. When we arrived at her house she said she wanted her kids to get taught. She wants Sisters though so we referred her to the Sister Training Leaders. Pretty cool experience of how we were in the right place at the right time.

Our mission conference with Elder Renlund was on Saturday. He was accompanied by his wife, Elder Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder Halleck the Pacific Area Seventy, and their wives. I don’t have time right now but next week I will write more about what I learned. See you next week.


Author: Elder Patrick Watts

I am serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission.

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