Week 35 – Fasi

Right now I’m at the mission office while Elder Teutau is fixing some refrigerators for President. It’s refreshing to see the temple right across the street.

The language has been way better this week. Something I’ve realized is that if I just pretend I’m already fluent in the language, it tends to come out more easily. I almost always realize when I make a mistake, and I used to think native speakers listening could pick out all those mistakes and fix them like my own mind often does when I speak. So from now on, I’m not “saisai pe” at Tongan, or even “sai pe”, but “‘osi poto lelei”. Sometimes a little pride is good for people who constantly find fault in themselves. Nobody got anywhere thinking they were unqualified for the job. For some people, myself included, I think it’s confidence-boosting to think of ourselves as a little farther ahead than we really are so we more readily accept opportunities that help us actually grow to that state. For others it might work better to think they’re always behind the curve and need to catch up. It just depends for each person on what they’ve learned about themselves.

We have two baptisms this Saturday. They’re a brother and sister, Keuli and ‘Ana. They used to live in America but their parents sent them to Tonga to live with their aunt. Keuli is really cool, he’s always super interested in the lesson and really tries sincerely to answer our questions (We always ask our investigators questions to help them start to wonder for themselves about the answers. Sometimes this is really necessary because Tonga is such a paradise so it’s easy not to think too deeply about the questions of life).

Transfers are next week. I have a feeling we’ll both be staying here but if not, I feel good about the work I’ve done in this area. If I go to Niua, don’t expect any blog posts for a while. Just kidding. Ofa lahi atu.


Author: Elder Patrick Watts

I am serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission.

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