Week 58-59 – Tokomololo

Malo ‘etau ma’u e pongipongi ni. Ko ha ‘aho fiefia ‘eni, he koe ‘aho ia oku fai ai e volipolo moe ta’o kuli. ‘I ha fakalea ‘e taha, koe ‘aho P-day ‘eni.

Something scary I realized this week: I only have ten months left. Even stranger, the sister missionaries I entered the MTC with are done at the end of this year. Time flies even faster when you’re both having fun and in the service of the Lord.

One of our investigators was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but tragedy struck Tokomololo! There was a putu (funeral) on Friday, and the way funerals are done in Tonga anyone can show up and tons of people usually do, often for the food. Apparently the hot dogs had been sitting around for a while after they were cooked and over forty people, mostly children, went to the hospital that day and night. Our investigator started getting sick as she was about to do her baptismal interview and eventually went to the hospital later that night, so we delayed her baptism to this Saturday. Thankfully nobody got too sick. My companion joked that it was an unfortunate coincidence that the food little kids get most excited for is, of course, hot dogs.

On Sunday the bishop asked us to give a talk and since I recently started the Book of Mormon over again, I talked about 2 Nephi 4:17-35, or the “Psalm of Nephi”. My favorite part is verses 26-27, as Nephi questions the reason of his own sorrow and temptation. It’s important that we recognize our sins and shortcomings. Then we should ask, “Why am I like this?” or “Why do I do this?”. I believe that if we aren’t constantly self-evaluating and actively trying to change ourselves, then we¬†will only be acted upon by other forces. Something I’ve realized on the mission is that one of my “spiritual gifts” is a self-awareness of my own feelings and emotional impulses, and easily recognizing and facing faults in my own logic. The reason I believe it’s a spiritual gift is that it undoubtedly must be one of the traits of Jesus Christ and a skill that helps us become more like Him. When we understand what makes us do what we do, we can better resist temptation and master control over our thoughts and actions.

Some members told me about the hurricane in Texas. Might seem odd but it makes me grateful to be on this little island in the middle of the Pacific. Hopefully it’s comforting for those affected to know that people here are praying for you.

Transfers are already coming up this week, so we’ll see what happens. Ofa atu!


Week 56-57 – Tokomololo


The work has been pretty good the last couple weeks! One of our investigators named Lu’isa has been progressing really well. It’s been an amazing experience teaching her because I think she is the first adult investigator I’ve taught who went from no interest or understanding of the gospel to hopefully being baptised soon and becoming a strong member of the Church. Most of my other investigators had already received some lessons before or didn’t end up accepting baptism while I worked with them but this is the first time I’ll get to see the full progression.

This past week we received tons of referrals from the members, so we have a ton of potential investigators to visit this week. Some of them already go to church, but with us trying to make it to all three wards on Sunday sometimes we don’t realize a nonmember showed up to sacrament meeting. Yesterday I told my companion that was the busiest Sunday on my mission, or my whole life even. From 6:30am to 9:30pm our schedule was completely full with only an hour of rest. Big change from my last area with only one ward and hardly any meetings.

That’s all for this week. Ofa atu!