Week 77 – Hofoa

It was only three weeks but it felt like I had been in Ha’akame for ages. Transfers were on Sunday and Elder Mohulamu and I were told we were both staying so we were really excited to continue our work there. Then on Monday night we got a surprise call and now I’ve been transferred to Hofoa. My companion is Elder Takapu from California and he’s also new to the area. Whitewashing areas seems to be the card I’ve been dealt as this is the fourth time now in my mission. It’s pretty fun though with both of us having no prior expectations of the area and just getting to know tons of new people.

Being a zone leader here is already pretty different than in Liahona. Four of seven other companionships in that zone had cars because they were in leadership positions and only one of the other three were Elders so there was very little need for transportation duties. Plus we had the office in our zone so we could go pick up and drop off things anytime. The Liahona zone was unique in that aspect so now I’m getting a taste of what the job is like in the rest of the mission.

On Sunday night in Ha’akame we had a pretty amazing experience. We had an investigator who we had taught just the first lesson and were set to teach her again on Sunday. While doing our weekly planning I felt like we should skip the second lesson and go to the third, which we don’t often do but I wanted to give her the baptismal invitation so we could figure out what might be stopping her from committing to baptism. From meeting with her we learned she had already listened to multiple missionaries before, and she also picked up very quickly during our first lesson with her and asked lots of questions which showed us she was really understanding and thinking about our message. So we followed through with our plan and taught the third lesson, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and my companion invited her to be baptized. She took a five-second pause and said yes. My companion didn’t say anything and she said “I said yes!” and laughed. My companion was just too shocked to reply, haha! She then went on about the family problems she would expect to face by this choice but was still firm in her decision. She became a special witness of faith to me which I’m glad I was able to receive just before I left Ha’akame.

Looking forward to the work here in Hofoa. ‘Ofa lahi atu.